When I conceive my projects I try to create always a game of opposed.

The life and the emotion as the architecture are  born from a contrast among opposite.

The dynamism is born from a static component  and an other in movement.

As parts in light and parts in shade produce the forms and our perception of objects.

Masculine and female, height and void, warm parts and cold parts, lightness and mass.

Nature and artifice.

With these elements and theirs to converse together architecture can be created. 


My attitude toward the  Design projectis the same I use building  Architecture.

Both are answers to the same eternal rules of the planning.

The good project is functional:  then accessible, energetically efficient both in constructive phase and in exercise life. Obviously also in the death phase and then recyclable. 

The good project is ergonomic, with the spaces in the correct positions and dimensions for our needs...etc.),

Naturally he must be standing. Therefore well designed structurally..... and if possible with elegance.

Finally, but firs of all, must be beautiful.