When I conceive my projects I always try to create a game of opposites.

Life and emotions, as well as architecture, are born from a contrast between opposites.

The dynamism is originated both from a static and from a moving component, as well as the contrast between one side in light and the other side in shade produces the forms and our perception of objects.

Masculine and feminine, full and empty, warm and cold, lightness and heaviness.

Nature and artifice.

These elements are the basic ingredients of architecture. 


My attitude toward the Design project is the same I use in building  Architecture.

Both are answers to the eternal rules of the planning.

The good project is functional:  accessible, energetically efficient both in its constructive phase and in its life cicle. Obviously also in its dismission phase: it must be recyclable. 

The good project is ergonomic, with the spaces in the correct positions and fitting our needs.

Of course it must be standing, therefore elegant and well designed from the structural point of view.

And, last but not least, it must be beautiful.