Provo Utah 2011 


Progetto di casa efficiente e sostenibile Vincitore Tspline 2011 Design Competition


A house as a bone, a form without time that seems originates from prehistoric skeleton.

In reality, a more human way to live. The "deconstruction of the box" advocated by Frank Lloyd Wright becomes cavern, smooth space of living.

Expression of his aesthetics, the organic shape contains an efficient heart and a rational technology:

The core structures will be build in eco-concrete, a new technologies that will reduce GHG emissions associated with the production of Portland cement for use in concrete construction in a manner that is ecologically and economically smart.

To produce eco-concrete, the Portland cement in a concrete mixture is partially replaced with an optimum amount of supplementary cementing materials (almost part recycled), while maintaining or improving cost, concrete performance, and constructability.

The center of the building is its inside glass cavedio, a void with the aestethic of a Japanese winter garden, but, with his form, drive an intake effect that allows a natural ventilation of all the living spaces.

The roof design, with an efficient inclination in the south facade furnishes the ideal support to the the installation of solar panels, both passive, for the production of warm water, both active for the production of electricity.

The totality of the waters rain will be picked and carried in a reservoir for a domestic use through canalizations drawn in the wings of the roof.

La Torre 

Torino 2012

Primo Premio 

Concorso LaTorre 

indetto da Reale Mutua


Benedetto Camerana 

 consulenza strutturale:

ing. Leonardo Lani


Rifunzionalizzazione con Ristorante e Bar panoramico della TORRE LITTORIA di Torino


Du Pont Competition


Varsavia Polonia 2013


arch. Sonya Szymanska

Toroide in vetro e acciaio con funzione strutturale di collettore solare, raccolta acque e di camino di ventilazione naturale

progetto non selezionato

Ristorante Panoramico in Vetro 

Forte dei Marmi 2013



Torino 2010

Concorso ad Inviti con G.Alvente -M.V.Jahnsen

Progetto certificato LEED Gold

consulenza strutturale ed impiantistica:


Advanced Geometry Unit   London


Lav 03.jpg


Modena 2010